Download MOD APK 1.5.60 (Unlimited Money) for Android

3D, Action, Online, Survival

Download MOD APK 1.5.60 (Unlimited Money) for Android is a popular action and survival game. This game has been published by Casual Azur Games. In this game, we have to show our skills not only by using other weapons like gun ammunition, etc. but also by using axes. In this game, we aim very carefully because if we miss our target a little bit, then it can prove very fatal for us. Like other teachers, when the battle starts, we also have to prepare our weapons to engage in a fierce battle.

Download MOD APK 1.5.60 (Unlimited Money) for Android

We cannot even wait for the Stone Age to play this game if in this game we get the ax If you miss even a little bit in using it, then all other players can be hurt and even a small mistake in this game is considered too much for you to lose your life. Is this game is a game to play with extreme accuracy. Control of gameplay is very simple. It is a very attractive game that people love very much. By this game and you can also move the character it is very There is an easy task.

In this game, your character is also leveled a lot. In this game, you have to do a lot to upgrade your skills as your level increases. So you must choose one of the three skills. The benefits of this game include increased range speed increase etc. This game supports the game both offline and online. You can play it at any place, you can play it easily even at a place with no network connection. This game instead of practicing with AI flute players It also allows you to fight.

When your time timer runs out and you die before that, it has to be reset to zero. This is considered a very important rule in mod apk. The number of players in this game is Restricted players are not even replaced by other players and in this game, the player who remains last is considered the winner. In this game, you can also choose many types of weapons like knife axes. The graphics of this game are very beautiful and well depicted. The character creation of this game is very great. The characters are designed only with Lego-style work.

What’s New

  • Added new levels.
  • Added new characters.
  • Graphics improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
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Basic Information about

Latest Version 1.5.60
Size 62 MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Genre 3D, Action, Online, Survival
Platforms Android 4.1

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In the end, what we can say about this game is that it is a great game. It shows a very new style as well as a very ideal survival. In this game, we have to use axes instead of gun halves. We have to show our art skills which brings a new feeling to our game style and in this game we have to show our art only by showing the ax skills, in the end, after this game Areas in which information you want to hear from us, please let us know by going to the comment box.

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