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Top 5 Best Offline Android Games 2020 For Kids

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Today we have brought Best Offline Android Games especially for children who are interested in playing games to enhance your children’s intelligence and promote the style of playing games by creating a smooth strategy. Android games have been brought to you, however, these games do not need any introduction before you, because it is one of the most famous and most downloaded games, among them, Casual Racing Arcade and Puzzle Games include various types of categories in mind.

Top 5 Best Offline Android Games 2020 For Kids

With the aim of keeping and providing rich quality graphics, these great games are being made available to your children. The gameplay of these games is very simple and smoothly designed and your children are eager to cross different levels. There will be some important aspects of each game that have been kept in front of you, by reading and keeping in mind that you will be able to play that game optimally. Below are the top 5 best offline Android games you can play.

Flow Free

Flow Free is a great and popular puzzle game published by Big Duck Games LLC. Here you will get a variety of puzzles that you have to solve and you have to prove your quality here. Here you have more than 2500 puzzles provided, which you can be able to solve on the basis of free play and time trial mode. The graphics of this game are very colorful and cleanly designed.

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You will get to hear some small fun sound effects as well. Here you have to build a pipe of matching color while building a flow. Here you have to take special care that if the floor created by it overlaps, then the pipe will break automatically. It is mandatory to solve each puzzle with great understanding. In Time Trial mode, where you can solve puzzles against the speed of the clock. As you progress in this game, your puzzles will get a bit difficult, which increases your interest.

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Cut The Rope

Welcome to this amazing puzzle game designed with modern and beautiful graphics. As you know by the name that in this game you have to cut the ropes and deliver the candy to the mouth of the character. Here 17 boxes are provided with 425 levels. Various types of adorable collectors are found here. Here you have to collect gold stars and along with it discovering the hidden prizes is your main duty here.

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Unlock the exciting new levels here. Cut the rope with your finger and make the best of yourself to put the candy in the collector’s mouth. Along with this, your intelligence is also introduced and you can play it continuously for many hours because it is a very interesting and attractive game. Here many levels occur with different kinds of difficulties. Use your brain to cross the various levels provided here and keep moving forward.

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Hill Climb Racing 2

Must play this game to get the best racing game experience, here you are able to customize your look as you wish. Here you have to unlock different types of vehicles and levels. You can increase the capacity of your favorite vehicle with an engine, grip, suspension, and fuel tank. To increase the race by pressing the button on the right side of the screen and by pressing the button on the left side, you can control the speed by applying the brakes.

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Here you can also enjoy racing as a team. The graphics of this game are very great and rich quality. There is a chance to ride different types of vehicles which is great fun in itself. From time to time, you will have to get fuel otherwise you will be out of the level. Get ready to adventure with this racing game and present yourself as the best racer.

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Sonic Dash

Here you have to play the role of a sonic and run to the amazing paths provided by a fantastic 3D environment. In this, with being an arcade game, you also get to experience a different action and adventure world. The graphics of this game are designed with rich and attractive quality. Here you can choose to play with any of Sonic’s friends, Knuckles, including Tails and Shadow.

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In this game, you have to move towards your destination while destroying various kinds of plagues and collect the coins on the way. Here you have to give your best performance to unlock and win the power-ups. The various levels found here are very attractive and amazing in their own way, the disasters that come in the way have to be destroyed. Along with the escape as the levels are unlocked as you cross the levels, these unlocked levels are even more amazing and fantastic.

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Candy Crush Saga

You must take endless of this world’s most famous and most played casual game. Your main duty in this game is to mix 3 more candies in the same line here, you get points for doing this and you also have to use the boosters wisely in time. Here at every level, you have different Candice of colors that will be seen. In this game, you are given many opportunities to win prizes. Here you can win a lot of prizes using daily booster wheels.

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Thousands of levels are provided to you in this game and as you go through these levels, your curiosity is bound to increase. Here at every level, you are given a different target that needs to be met. In this game, you can compete with your Facebook friends and get more points from them and can take your place above them. Enjoy this fantastic game while stepping into a world of adventure and present yourself as one of the best and smartest gamer.

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