Kung Fu Clicker 1.2.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download Latest Version

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Kung Fu Clicker 1.2.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download Latest Version

Kung Fu Clicker is a puzzle game. In this game, square measure you an excellent martial arts master and are gap a dojo martial arts faculty in Dojos. This dojo was passed down by their father, UN agency was over one hundred years recent and most known within the Dojos space. Therefore, different dojo has been jealous and have employed the Shadow gang to destroy your dojo. Now, you have got to face them to shield the dojo and yourself. you may not have to be compelled to fight alone as a result of you have got heaps of different students around.

Kung Fu Clicker 1.2.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Download Latest Version

Kung Fu Clicker mod apk android 1 Start the sport, you have got a tiny low dojo and have students finding out. Your main task is to coach their fighting skills and fight the advancing shadow gang. the primary step you would like to try and do is to create a dojo and educate the scholars well before the shadows return, and that they can shield your dojo. Teach them martial art and facilitate them to observe daily to extend their skills. Then upgrade the dojo, obtain coaching tools and build larger school rooms to enhance the standard of your education, attract students to review, and earn a lot of.

The Shadow Fang gang square measure wreaking mayhem on the neighborhood dojo. It’s up to you to fight them and defend your dojo from their attacks! faucet to speculate in your dojo and let your idle profits grow. Then keep sound to create larger and higher rooms for coaching students within the arts of Kung Fu and martial art, and to recruit martial arts masters. Fight to revive your dojo to its former glory by competitive against different Kung Fu clans, ascension the leaderboards, and earning a prestigious black belt.

Kung Fu Clicker Apk Features:

  • Multiplayer leaderboards and occasions allow you to participate in well-meaning battles with opponent dojos for respect and prize chests!
  • Three overall factions for players to hitch and battle for, effort further prizes nut route!
  • Divine antiques to open, design and redo you are taking part in the background
  • Vivacious dojo setting loaded up with charming characters and shrouded shocks
  • A snappy new funk audio recording from the manufacturers of “Have You Pushed the Button Yet?” and “Winniest Winner”

What’s New

  • Bug Fixes

Kung Fu Clicker mod apk revdl Referring to the country of China, everyone seems to be terribly affected once it involves this country. One factor that individuals square measure involved concerning once it involves China is that this country is that the cradle of Kung Fu. And legendary kung-fu twentieth century that individuals always remember is an actor is best glorious for his martial arts skills and acting skills. Bruce Lee’s martial arts power and spirit, he opened his dojo within the u. s. and tutored folks concerning Kung-fu. A good gymnasium can offer you a lot of bonuses and unlock larger gyms. once the Shadow team arrives, you may have to be compelled to defeat them, when every level you may receive bonuses and cards to ask different masters.

Like the story of an actor, you may immerse yourself in an exceedingly Kung Fu master and open a dojo in Dojo. Everything is peaceful till your dojo is legendary, inflicting the unhealthy guys to induce upset and therefore the Shadow team is taking note to you. Now, your task is to defend your dojo from the unhealthy guys; the great factor is you are doing not have to be compelled to face alone as a result of you have got facilitate from different masters. Players can receive martial arts students and train them, coaching every professional person to enhance their fighting skills once the Shadow team arrives.

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Kung Fu Clicker Apk Mod Screenshots:

Kung Fu Clicker mod apk android 1
Kung Fu Clicker mod apk android 1
Kung Fu Clicker mod apk revdl
Kung Fu Clicker mod apk revdl
Kung Fu Clicker hack
Kung Fu Clicker hack

Kung Fu Clicker Mod Apk Trailor:

Kung Fu Clicker hack From upgrading the gymnasium and having masters serving to out against the Shadow team, you may gain a lot of points, and your dojo is stronger. The system of virtual keys is organized fittingly and simply elite. Sounds light and it fits for all players. With easy and habit-forming gameplay, this game is an honest selection for the boring weekend. Besides, it conjointly features an easy plot together with spectacular graphics, Kung Fu Clicker could be a game that individuals ought to attempt once. Sure, you may relish the expertise of this game.

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