Mega CryptoPolis Download Latest Ethereum Game


Mega CryptoPolis Download Latest Ethereum Game

Mega CryptoPolis is a city builder strategy game. This game is based on Ethereum blockchain. As reported by Dapp Radder and Non-Fungible. It has generated more than $ 2,000,000 in NFT trades a past year. A whole new layer to be built on talk of existing gameplay- a”microeconomy” was announced to introduce, besides significant visual improvements. This game can actually run on any mobile device, proves that fully featured with rich graphics.

This game will be a revolution in blockchain gaming. Every game action is a verified transaction on the blockchain and all the game logic runs on Ethereum smart contracts. mega cryptopolis reddit It can be freely traded on the open market using Ether and game assets belong to the player. It will be able to appliances, citizen tokens, produce resources with the help of the upcoming micro economy update buildings. This can be obtained only during special events because some collectible assets are unique and special.

Mega CryptoPolis Download Latest Ethereum Game

It may become even larger in terms of certain assets value and overall transactions. The building upgrades dependence on surrounding buildings, in micro-economy that will be totally eliminated. mega cryptopolis review A building to a maximum level, resources will be the major requirement to update. It can acquire on the open market from other players and can produce them in special buildings.

Mega CryptoPolis Trailor:

To determine building performance in microeconomy citizen’s qualification will be the core factors:

Strength: Production buildings and suits best mining.

Endurance: Mining building and energy

Charisma: Office buildings and commercial.

Intelligence: Municipal buildings and office

Agility: Energy buildings and production

Luck: Commercial buildings and municipal.

Mega CryptoPolis Gameplay Screenshots:

mega cryptopolis reddit
mega cryptopolis reddit
mega cryptopolis review
mega cryptopolis review
mega crypto price

Mega CryptoPolis Features:

  • You can upgrade your building and also construct them.
  • You can also be collecting Ether every day based on your performance.
  • To grab your taxes govern a district.
  • It has generated above than $2,000,000 in NFT trades a past year.

What’s New

  • 21,000 + land plots acquired in 56 districts.
  • Rich graphics and smooth gameplay.

How to Play:

  • MetaMask(Desktop).
  • Trust Wallet(Mobile).
  • Coinbase wallet(Mobile).

Download Mega CryptoPolis Latest Version:

Get it on:

Mega CryptoPolis (OFFICIAL)

Original citizen’s classification is as follows: Top manager, professional, executive, top executive, and astronaut, etc. A few action players can perform in the Mega Cryptopolis upgrade it and collect proceeds when constructing a building. mega crypto price We are doing our best following the rapid development of distributed Ledgers and scalability solutions. In this incredible adventure, we can’t be more excited to invite you.

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