Metal Squad 1.5.9 Mod Apk [Unlimited Coins/Ammo/Money] Free Download Latest Version For Android


Metal Squad 1.5.9 Mod Apk [Unlimited Coins/Ammo/Money] Free Download Latest Version For Android

Metal Squad is a shooting action game. This game can take you thru series of classic levels, numerous enemies and boss battles with the wonderful expertise of facet scrolling platformer games. This game has wealthy graphics with exciting options. Use varied weapons filled with slug and power-ups to fight your technique through multiple enemies, metal tanks, copters associated place associate degree end to the evil army leader’s and his world of terror.

Metal Squad 1.5.9 Mod Apk [Unlimited Coins/Ammo/Money] Free Download Latest Version For Android

A hardcore action packed wherever the most character may be a spirited and compelling character. Lots of vibrant weapons, missiles, machine guns, aircraft, bombing all this can accompany you on the trail to ending. Your enemies are the foremost top-end of the armed weapon, therefore, I even have pretty sweat to grab ending. There is an expansion of achievements, money, and power-ups in your field of battle and boosters that you just can collect and upgrade your character!

Your enemies square measure teams of individuals, tanks, helicopters associated powerful bosses World Health Organization have strong weapons to destroy them! If you’re an associate degree golem recreation enthusiast, there’s a very little question that the Metal Squad with HD graphics, distinctive vogue, excellent sound, nice bit controls, and addictive gameplay will attractiveness to you and your lovers of action- we offer golem arcade.

Metal Squad Mod Apk Trailer:

The options during this Metal Squad game area unit unlimited cash and unlimited coin, wherever unlimited cash and unlimited coin you’ll be able to get and use weapons and weapons which will be outside in terms of attack and defense, gun fighting instrumentation tank and jet to kill enemy territory. This game may be a stunning platformer concerning the days of war. you may got to fight alone against several enemies, you may be attacked by helicopters, tanks and at the top of the extent you may meet with Boss.

The game has many alternative weapons which will assist you to overcome all the enemies on the approach. a greenhorn and fantastically crafted sonic with an impressive vogue in action-platform recreation from the Sora Game Studio for golem devices discharged free on Google Play and up to this moment over a million times It’s supercharged by golem users around the world from Google Play and so the foremost feature-rich! throughout this game, like in several platform games, a unit on a two-dimensional page that you just ought to use with the help of getable weapons to eliminate a decent sort of enemies and pass several classic levels one once the other!

Take a hero across the levels full of enemies and enemy fighting machinery. Destroy opponents with the help of powerful weapons and avoid traps. Get ready for cruel fire exchange waiting for you in this exciting Android game. Take the character through the jungles, winter forests and other locations. Move the hero from one side to another, make him jump on the platforms and complete tricks to dodge enemy fire, deadly rockets, and other dangers. Destroy opponents from your machine gun, grenade thrower or other weapons.

Fighting and shooting area unit things to try to during this game. Passing level by level and eliminating headquarters and enemies their area unit extra things which will create your day tense. Beating a boss with tremendous power is going to be associate degree obstacle for you. Complete your journeys and adventures with weapons and war instrumentation able to use to fend off enemies. Use a spread of weapons full of snails and power-ups to fight your approach through some enemies, metal tanks, copters and ending the leader of the evil army and also the world of his terror. inflate all enemies in Metal Squad! Kill all during this wonderful shooter game.

Metal Squad Apk Features:

  • Totally different varieties of weapons, comparable to a firearm, significant machine gun, rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades.
  • Totally different characters to decide on.
  • 3+ distinctive zone with 11+ Levels
  • Totally different reasonably enemies.
  • Difficult boss fights
  • Wonderful graphics, cool music, and sound.


  • Use the joypad to maneuver
  • Faucet Jump button to leap avoid obstacles
  • Faucet fireplace button to shoot
  • Faucet bomb button to create a deadly explosion

What’s New

  • Add power indicator to UI
  • Increase limit upgrade levels from fifteen to thirty
  • Work on campaign levels
  • Re-balance campaign levels issue
  • Re-balance game economy
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

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