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Download Mobile Royale MOD APK v1.6.2 (God Mode, High Damage)

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Download Mobile Royale MOD APK v1.6.2 (God Mode, High Damage)

Mobile Royale is a strategy-based game in which you may have to fight fiercely in battle with a lot of warriors. As you know, in this game war is going to end and your forces are increasing but Still some good souls have decided to carry out the last suicide attack. In the midst of this war, you must be feeling like a pause. We want to tell you that the enemy’s You can sabotage your army with an archer, at the same time your powerful dragon sinks and burns everything to ashes, so when you take down the ultimate and best warrior of your enemy army under the last general.

Download Mobile Royale MOD APK v1.6.2 (God Mode, High Damage)

All types of enemies flee as their real warrior approaches the end. This is a tough fight that tells you that you have to fight your enemy army. Well, in mobile royale, the cried and successor version of the mobile has been made completely better than the famous strategy game Load Mobile so that the player can have more fun in this game. Are believed by the famous Dragon Guardian and want to unite its various tribes and whatever its side unite it Want to run the rule.

In this game, you have to take responsibility for building a big fort and its security depends only on you. However, a lot of strategies here is to capture the village and steal a lot of items from other players’ cities. The fight is considered to be a good stop, but still, we tell you that from time to time, by upgrading your dragons and heroes, they are very much Da can provide a better opportunity to buy useful items. Also, I want to tell you in which game you have to fight in such a way that you have to succeed and kill the enemy warrior while playing mobile royale troopers.

Mobile Royale Apk Features:

  • Attractive gameplay.
  • Unlimited coins.
  • High damage security.
  • Rich gameplay.

What’s New

  • Major Improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

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Is built and by uniting his army and living on the part of his land, he also has to control and protect it Happens so that no one can easily attack you from the enemy and as you are skilled in defending your army and build a very large kingdom as your fort and your rule is very You run well, by the way, we want to tell you that the strength of your army also increases and you see yourself as a very powerful warrior.

Mobile Royale Apk Mod Gameplay Screenshots:

mobile royale
mobile royale
mobile royale troopers
mobile royale troopers
mobile royale troopers
mobile royale troopers
mobile royale hack
mobile royale hack
mobile royale gameplay
mobile royale gameplay

Apart from mobile royale troopers, I want to tell you that in this game some such equipment and institutions have been provided to you so that from time to time you can increase the power of some different types of useful warriors of your army and they can be given time- You can update on time and some of their items which are very useful for them and they are dependent on them can also be easily obtained by playing this game. For this, you have to unite under one strategy and join your army to further attack the enemy’s kingdom and avoid the attacks of others, although the skilled warriors of both the armies control their army.

Mobile Royale Mod Apk Trailor:

Many times in mobile royale hack you make a big mistake and that is what you think your enemy’s army warrior is weaker than yourself, you don’t have to do this at all because if you have immense power then He does not have a lot of work power, he is also full of powers, so we want to tell you that when you have to fight with your enemy army who want to win in war, then it is very They also have to attack and under attack and tactics, and have to bear the brunt of each time and in difficult times you have to upgrade yourself in time and increase your useful powers and win over the enemy army.

Basic Information about Mobile Royale MOD APK

Name Mobile Royale
Latest Version 1.6.2
Publisher IGG.COM
Size 63M
MOD Features High Damage, God Mode
Genre 3D, Online, Strategy
Platforms Android 4.1

Download Mobile Royale Latest Version:

Get it on:

Google Play (OFFICIAL)




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This is your most important task, apart mobile royale gameplay, there are many different types of warriors who will challenge you from time to time and also support you. Apart from this, we want to tell you that when you build your fort, along with that you have to control it completely and the graphics of this game are so good that if you play this game for hours. You can never be bored and while playing this game you will never realize that you are wasting your time so we want to tell you that it is a very attractive A is a fun-filled game using time in a more perfect way.

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