Shadow Battle 2.2.17 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money/Cubes] Free Download For Android


Shadow Battle 2.2.17 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money/Cubes] Free Download For Android

Shadow Battle MOD APK is one all told the foremost effective fighting game, that’s created by blackhole studio. This game represents succeeding generation at intervals the world of action and fighting games. Your goal is to undertake to win by fighting your opponent at intervals stage with the shadow character your management. There square measure 3D sound effects throughout this game and to boot the system is button-less, creating it much more immersive than all totally different games of its kind.

Shadow Battle 2.2.17 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money/Cubes]

The SHADOW force has enclosed the made graphics and additionally corrupted our Universe by its damp power, all life forms square measure coated below its impact. The souls of the foremost powerful heroes square measure sealed among the magic whole stated as Cube. alone you – the Commander – can free the confined heroes, take the lead and fight against the SHADOW to bring peace back to the Universe.

Shadow Battle can be a second fighting game wherever you play mysterious characters whose identities in the purpose of reality unit pretty obvious. Basically, all characters unit darkened, as if they were coated by a black shadow, however, it’s easy to look at World Health Organization they are: Goku, Freezer, Iron-Man, or Hulk, among others. each has its own special and exclusive skills.

Shadow Battle Mod Apk Trailer:

Shadow Battle MOD APK represents succeeding generation at intervals the world of action and fighting games, giving players the prospect to determine on from an expansion of varied heroes to play with, every of that has their own distinctive background story. as luck would have it, qualification AI might be a present, thus as that every one all told the stories is additionally studied and brought. This games enclosed several excited levels and additionally build for user diversion.


  • SHADOW BATTLE 2.2 is discharged with on-line Multiplayer Arena game mode!

Turn out YOUR OWN FIGHTING manoeuvre

  • SHADOW BATTLE brings to you heaps heroes below vi distinctive classes to determine on from. Collect new heroes, emblems and manage them among the approach you would like. Be fast and swish, sturdy and shattering, enigmatic and deadly.

BECOME the simplest LEGEND

  • As a Commander, you will be ready to recruit, power up and manage heroes to fight against the SHADOW force that threatens to subject all Universe!
  • Gather all of the foremost powerful heroes on and permit them to stay by your facet, fight below your lead.
  • Undertake your epic journey amongst the celebs, explore planets and exquisite landscapes.


  • Engage in Versus battles to beat your challengers; Win rewards, upgrade your force and become the top-ranked Commander!


  • Win Cubes to seek out the loot and treasures within rare heroes, diamonds, valuable resources, and different extraordinary rewards!

Contact the U.S.A.

  • We want to make positive you are happy. be at liberty to place in writing U.S.A. any feedback. they are fundamental quantity credits for the U.S.A. Let’s improve the game together!

Shadow Battle Apk Features:

  • Burst in disturbance with furious dash attacks or keep at vary and are available down hell on your enemy with quick shots, important beams, or cluster bombs.
  • The exquisite quality of graphics.
  • Earphones square measure recommended to utterly experience epic three-D sound effects.
  • Immersive button-less management theme.
  • Don’t let the rookie-level AI fool you, they will get insanely hard each currently.
  • Unlock new maps and stories as you proceed on.
  • Commonplace superheroes ranged from the good old days’ to the foremost recent ones.
  • Specific tutorial for current players and effective coaching job to an acquaintance with distinctive gameplay.
  • Use name points to participate in versus mode, that greatly can increase gold reward and enhances item drop rate.
  • Shiny (literally) instrumentality look to be unfastened.
  • Numerous abilities and stats upgrade system.
  • Generous daily awards square measure typically claimed freely.
  • Acquire free coins by inviting your friends through Facebook.

What’s New

New options in 2.2.17:

  • Fully overhauled computer program.
  • Far higher tutorials. (GUI confined, Story-driven)
  • New hero reworks Dragon person, BioMetal, and Frost (now became Frozen Claws, a recent hero!).

New options in 2.0:

  • New hero true kind effects and mechanic.
  • Dragon person re-model.
  • New management theme.
  • Map-based environmental edges.

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