Spells of Genesis Download latest Card Game

Action, Arcade, games, Role Playing

Spells of Genesis Download latest Card Game

Spells of Genesis is a (TCG) as well as arcade-style gaming elements that involve deck collection and strategy game. ethereum trending card game a mixture of various games. you can combine orbs to build the card decks with this game, you can collect trade. This currency is relatively well established, compared to other blockchain games. This game is also the main source of inspiration for the storyline based on blockchain technology.

In this game, you can collect cards, trade and exchange them with other players and collectors. After building your team, test their abilities to combine them and your strategic skills in battles. spells of genesis best cards are based on a counterparty that allows developers to create custom tokens for the bitcoin blockchain. Some unexpected surprises may reserve in the future. You can play this game with a click of four cards. With these cards, your enemies to try to destroy them you can shoot your spells.

Spells of Genesis Download latest Card Game

The key to victory is a solid combination of skills and strategy. spells of genesis guide provide us (8) different card elements which are:

  • Card name
  • Speed
  • Element
  • Attack
  • Health
  • Spell
  • Spell Effect
  • Level and Rarity

In the game, there are four cards rarity: common, rare, epic, legendary. Only the same name cards are leveled up and can be fused together. Your newly fused card has shown an additional strength. There are two main types of cards in SOG:

  • In-game Cards: Using In-game gold, you get by summoning them.
  • Blockchain Cards: They are offered by Askian Merchants.

Spells of Genesis Mod Apk Trailor:

Other blockchain cards can be premium, special and public or free. A special card is XAJIBOSS, available for sale only during a very limited period and offered directly to the public. This card released for a special location. we have set a cap of maximum one special card released every ten premium or public cards. spells of genesis fuse are really expectational. You should be free own and transfer it, you acquire a game asset.

Spells of Genesis Apk Mod Gameplay Screenshots:

spells of genesis best cards
spells of genesis best cards
spells of genesis guide
spells of genesis guide
spells of genesis fuse
spells of genesis fuse

Spells of Genesis Apk Features:

  • Missions to play through with 210 levels.
  • With unique gameplay, you can defeat your opponents.
  • Amazing rewards With Seven stars campaigns.
  • Challenge mode is also available.

What’s New

  • Hit more enemies with high-speed shots.
  • Very new victory screen that indicates the progress made in level and quests.

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Spells of Genesis (OFFICIAL)

You should be able to keep their assets outside the game database and be completely independent with them if you unlike in other games. You can play it in spells of genesis trade it on the blockchain or even find alternative uses for it. Bit crystals and spells of genesis blockchain cards are basically based on the counterparty. Bit crystals became one of the top ten most traded digital assets and within a month after the end of the itrystals token sale bit crystal traded on the blockchain.

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