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Top 5 Best Paid Android Games For Kids

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Today we are coming with an interesting article named Top 5 best paid android games For Kids. We give you essential information about all these amazing games. You can also get more information and the download link to all those best games.

Need for Speed™ Payback

Returning with a vengeance in the action-driving blockbuster Need for Speed ​​Payback with excellent quality, it is illuminating the name of the world’s best video game franchise. It is a single-player video game as well as known for its best and rich quality graphics, which is published by Electronic Arts. You can play this amazing game on Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation4. You have to put yourself ahead of the opponent by using boost at the right time while racing in different types of areas.

Need for Speed™ Payback Cover

Here you will meet with 3 members of the crews named Tyler “Ty” Morgan, Sean “Mac” McAlister, and Jessica “Jess” Miller. Here, 74 vehicles have been made available to increase your curiosity, some of which you will need to download. In this game, you will also get to see the 24-hour day-night cycle, which is very interesting in itself. Your important duty in the game is to reach your destination first with beat your all rivals. In this game, you have to play against the aggressive cop.

Download Need for Speed™ Payback (Official)


Business Tour – Online Multiplayer Board Game

Welcome to this best online multiplayer board game published by 8floor. In this game, you have to make compromises with your rivals by using your strategies and demonstrating your prudence. In this game, you have to make a conspiracy against your other players to ensure your victory. Here you are provided with tournament mode and leader board. Now you can play this game online with your friends as a classic tabletop game.

Business Tour - Online Multiplayer Board Game Cover

Here you can use your trading skills and demonstrate your understanding to defeat opponents. The difficulties and problems you face in this game make it even more interesting. This game allows you to play online 2×2 modes as well as 2-4 players. You can play this game offline with others on one or more screens and invite your friends to play at the same table and also include in best paid android games reddit list. The compromises and strategies you make here determine your victory and defeat.

Download Need for Speed™ Payback (Official)



If you find fighting games interesting, then Fighting X Layer has brought the best fighting experience for you. The game was released with a fantastic 12 characters, which were skillful on their own. Some of them have to be named Area, Allen Snider, Blair Dame, Kairi, Darun Mister, and Pullum Purnaa. In this game, you are allowed to play in a 2.5D environment and closed arenas which vary in size and width.


You are provided with an auto combo system and ground chain combos every time you perform well. The player is provided with an additional bonus during the match. It is your main duty to beat your opponent in the game and for this duty, you will have to show your different types of moves. To defeat your enemy, keep beating him until he loses. Graphics of this game are designed with rich quality that increases your eagerness to play.

Download Need for Speed™ Payback (Official)


Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

If you like to hit and you like to play these types of games because of your hobby, then Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the best first-person shooter video game. Armed with weapons, you have to target your enemy and kill him. In this game, you have to give proof of being an accomplished shooter in a short time. It is not an easy thing to target while walking on unknown paths and keeping yourself alert. It is also necessary to upgrade yourself from time to time with weapons because your power should be higher than the enemy only then you can achieve victory.

Counter-Strike Condition Zero Cover

In this game, you have been provided the facility of aiming with different types of rifles and the best range of weapons, this is a very interesting thing in itself. Your main duty will be to advance in the game while aiming and protecting yourself. You have to be careful so that no one can kill you. It is natural to increase curiosity in this game because the levels and gameplay are very attractive.

Download Need for Speed™ Payback (Official)


The Culling

Enjoy this best action Battle Royal game with great and rich quality graphics published and developed by American studio Xaviant for Windows, Xbox One, and Linux. Here 16 players are taken down on an unknown arena where you are allowed to play with different types of loot buildings. Here you have to equip yourself with weapons and have to kill your enemies while saving yourself.

The Culling Cover

Looking at your best performance, you are also awarded various types of awards that increase your power. Different types of weapons are found in different buildings that you have to get and you have to take care of your safety as well. Here you have to avoid the sudden type of attack and keep your target sharp and kill your enemy in few seconds only then you can move forward in this game.

Download Need for Speed™ Payback (Official)

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