best tips and tricks for Zombie mode

Top Best Tricks & Tips In PUBG Mobile For Zombie Mode


Top Best Tricks & Tips In PUBG Mobile For Zombie Mode

Our this article is about top best tricks and tips in PUBG mobile for Zombie mode. If you are a PUBG lover, you should have to know about Zombie mode. Zombie mode is the new mode available in the PUBG with battle royale gameplay. The main role of the players in this game is to kill Zombies along with other players. If you really want to win the Zombie mode, players need to survive three days and two nights continuously. There are a total of 60 players which play a regularly 30 minutes match at ‘Survive Till Dawn’.

Top Best Tricks & Tips In PUBG Mobile For Zombie Mode

In the day time, Zombies are easy to kill as compare tonight. You have to set a proper plan for the first night to survive and the second night makes easy. This article for those people who always fail to survive the second night in Zombie mode of PUBG mobile.  So following are some easy and best steps to know how to get better in Zombie mode of PUBG mobile.

1. Collect Energy Drinks And Painkillers

Make sure to collect many Energy Drinks And Painkillers as possible. At the night time, the shotgun is the best weapon to kill Zombies. Invest your time on looting and use pain killers and energy drinks when you need it most. When you damage at the battle time, you need these things at any cause.

2. To Heal Yourself Surely

Make sure to heal yourself, firstly check your health if it is a little bit down then you should have to heal yourself in the second time. We suggest you use the painkillers if your health is full. Pulling your trigger at the Zombies until you are dead and going to aiming at the night. If you have lots of time to heal yourself, make sure to use first aid stuff before is too late.

3. Pick Best Place To Land Firstly

Pick the best place is the most important thing to start. Pochinki is not a good place because it’s fully covered with the buildings so it is uncomfortable at the night time, so don’t choose it. For the zombie mode, Rozhok is the best place to choose because this place has lots of space to run and hide easily.

4. Quick And Extended Draw Mag Always Having

We need the extra ammo for the night to survive, so we need the extended mag at any cause. Extended mag gives us a lot of sense because most of the players died in the reload time so we should have to cover our this weak point. All your players know that AKM fire 30 Bullets in one round, but using the extended mag, we can fire 40 bullets in one round easily.

5. Watch Out The Other Players Also

You should have also watched the other players as well during the second night. For some players got killed by other players on the second night. Some times opponents take advantage to kill yourself when you are busy to kill Zombies in the second night. So make sure that you should also watch the other players as possible.

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