World of Ether Download Latest Ethereum Game


World of Ether Download Latest Ethereum Game

World of Ether is basically a decentralized collectible dueling game. World of Ether is based on Ethereum currency. This game is all about breeding, collection, and fighting off monsters. In this game, you should have sell, store and breed your valuable Etherians held safe and also secure on the blockchain. Users can unlock hundreds of monsters and also battle to level.

Monsters are divided into 4 grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare and legendary. Author of the game cannot flood the market with extra monsters. All these monsters fall into 5 different types:

Sun: Showing flying, fire, warmth, and light.

Ocean: Showing depth, mystery, and water.

Life: Showing vegetation and fertility.

Death: Showing finality and undoing.

Astral: Showing psychic ability, metaphysical and intelligence.

World of Ether Download Latest Ethereum Game

In the case of breeding, we require male and female. for example, life male monster only breeds with life female. The process of breeding increases rare monsters. The rare monsters also increase the probability and chance of rare children. In this case, monsters also take a cooldown period when he finishes of ether marketplace For obtaining a monster, you should have to obtain eggs by breeding. You should also purchase eggs from the marketplace or any other exchange as per our requirement. Eggs also need a little time to hatch.

World of Ether Trailor:

The marketplace is the only way to sell etherians, or also obtain other user’s etherians. In the inventory, eggs will available, but the only thing is to increase the price of every egg bought to encourage a thriving market inside. Users can easily choose an auction for an increase in price over time, decrease in price over time and also remain or static. world of ether egg price For play this game, you should have to install Metamask firstly and then send ETH to your wallet. After that, you can buy Etherians from the marketplace for buying an egg for monsters.

World of Ether Gameplay Screenshots:

world of ether marketplace
world of ether marketplace
world of ether egg price
world of ether egg price
world of ether guide
world of ether guide

World of Ether Basic Features:

  • There will be over 200 monsters.
  • The user also wins the battle points.
  • You can also purchase ETH directly with MetaMask and also with any other exchange.
  • With buying eutherians from any exchange, you can purchase an egg from inventory screen which is displayed.
  • When you increase your level, you have to chance of breeding rare monsters improves.

What’s New

  • Add Rich and attractive graphics.
  • New monsters levels added for battle.
  • Many new monsters available here.

How to Play:

  • MetaMask(Desktop).
  • Trust Wallet(Mobile).
  • Coinbase wallet(Mobile).

Download World of Ether Latest Version:

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This game also includes very rich graphics which is very attractive for the users. The flow of the game is very easy and user understandable. You should also gain your experience with play this game and also battle to unlocking new levels. User should also unlock a new type of monsters when he trying to up their level with battle. world of ether guide This game is totally based on Ethereum currency so you can easily buy the eggs from the marketplace and also can the multiple transactions on this.

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